◆Demi Lovato Says 'Camp Rock' Sequel Is On The Way
Jan 22 2009 5:20 PM EST

Demi Lovato Says 'Camp Rock' Sequel Is On The Way   

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It looks like the "Camp Rock" sequel is finally under way. The film's female star, Demi Lovato, confirmed to MTV News that the follow-up to the hit Disney movie will begin shooting later this year.

"There's a 'Camp Rock' sequel," she told MTV News just moments after getting off the stage at Monday's "Kids' Inaugural," where she performed with her "Camp Rock" co-stars the Jonas Brothers. "We're going to be shooting it at the end of the next year. Actually this year, woo! So, we'll be shooting it late 2009 and hopefully I'll be shooting it after I do a tour."

In addition to Nick, Kevin and Joe, littlest JoBro Frankie Jonas is also rumored to be joining the cast. But when the guys talked about the film last summer, they had a few other ideas in mind for what they wanted to see happen in the sequel.

"Maybe [there could be], like, a rival camp," Joe pondered, adding that someone in the Jonas camp had a very tropical idea for a possible location: "Camp Hawaii!"

When they talked about the film with EW.com last summer, Joe admitted that he was blindsided by the success of the first "Camp Rock," which reportedly scored nearly 9 million viewers when it aired in June. Joe, who had a lead role in the film, said, "We've been looking into scheduling when we can do that because we've been busy with touring, but we would love to. The success from the first one — we did not expect that at all, and the possibility of a second movie would be great."


◆Demi Lovato:「Camp Rock續集將要拍攝」

  看樣子Camp Rock的續集終於塵埃落定,確定拍攝了。電影女主角,Demi Lovato在接受MTV News採訪時,與大家確定轟動各地的迪士尼電影續集將在今年拍攝。

  在星期一的Kids' Inaugural他與Camp Rock的演員Jonas Brothers一起表演完後,下台後接受MTV News訪問時,他說倒:「Camp Rock確定會有續集,我們將在明年前拍攝完,也就是在今年拍攝。woo,也就是說,我們將在今年年底開始拍攝。真希望他會在我巡迴演唱完後才開始拍攝!」



  當他們談到去年夏天第一集Camp Rock的成功時,Joe說這真是他意料之外的成功,由EW.com指出,在六月,就將近有九百萬人的收看。擔任男主角的Joe說:「當時我們試著配合演戲的進度,也很熱衷於拍攝,然而我們還有巡迴演唱的事要忙,因此CR的成功,是我們真的沒有預料他造成的廣大迴響。希望第二集的Camp Rock依然能夠如此成功。」


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