JONAS Episode Revealed


JONAS Episode Revealed


J-14 has the 411 on an episode of JONAS. In Keeping It Real, the Jonas Lucas Brothers' mom thinks the boys are getting too used to celeb perks. She wants the boys to start doing more normal activities, like chores and being home for family dinners. Kevin, Nick and Joe find it super hard to do these every day tasks, and after being mobbed by fans they get stuck inside their friends thrift shop. Will the threesome make it home in time for their family dinner? Catch the show when it premieres on Disney Channel this spring to find out!

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  J-14得到了關於JONAS最新的內幕。在第一集<In Keeping It Real>當中,Lucas兄弟(JB飾演)的媽媽認為他們現在過的生活太過於像明星,以只於無法融入學校生活,所以決定讓他們多去參加一些平凡的活動,像是幫忙一些家事,以及跟家人一起用晚餐。而Kevin、Nick和Joe卻發現每天要做這些事真的是太難了。然而,這次他們在朋友的二手店裡,卻被大批粉絲包圍而困住,以致於無法離開。他們三個能夠在媽咪約定好的時間內回家一起用晚餐嗎?明年春天,請鎖定迪士尼頻道(國外時間,台灣尚未確定)。


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