Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato Performing at 'Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day'


 Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato Performing at 'Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day'

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made a live appearance at "Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day" game in a nationally-televised halftime show on November 27. They played several songs such as "Tonight", "Lovebug", and "Burning Up" at the event.

Beside seeing the Jonas boys, the thanksgiving game also featured
's performance. She sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the gig which is aimed to kick off a match between the Dallas Cowboys against Seattle Seahawks.

In addition to opening the footbal match, the show also marks 2008 Salvation Army Red Kettle Christmas campaign, which runs nationally through Christmas Eve on December 24. The annual holiday campaign is held to raise money in order to feed, clothe, and provide toys to nearly 29 million Americans. Previous performers at the event included
, , , and .


使一活出現對" 達拉斯牛仔感恩節"  比賽在全國性電視播放數中場休息方面在1127上顯示。  Dr.eye: 他們演奏幾歌象那樣" 今晚" ,"Lovebug" ,並且"Burning Up "  在事件。


除看見 之外,感恩比賽也以's的表演為特色。  

她唱歌" 這面星條旗"  在被瞄準對西雅圖Seahawks 開始在達拉斯牛仔之間的一場比賽的爵士音樂會上。


除開footbal比賽之外, 演出也標明2008救世軍為紅水壺耶誕節戰役,這全國性整個1224的耶誕前夕運轉。  為了補給食物、金錢、衣物,並且給差不多2900萬名美國人提供玩具,每年假期運動被拿籌款。以前的表演者在事件包括, , .



Jonas Brothers' performance

Demi Lovato's performance




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