◆Malia and Sasha Obama Get Surprise Visit From Jonas Brothers
January 22, 2009 02:10:36 GMT

Malia and Sasha Obama Get Surprise Visit From Jonas Brothers  

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Enjoying their first night in the White House as the daughters of the United States' 44th president, Malia and Sasha Obama receive a surprise visit from their idols, . The singers are invited "to surprise the girls and their friends", serving as a prize for them as part of a scavenger hunt, which is purposely set to teach the girls a history lesson about the White House, ABC News reports.

While their parents Barack and Michelle Obama were making their rounds at 10 inaugural balls on Tuesday night, January 20, Malia and Sasha entertained some of their friends from their new school, Sidwell Friends, to a movie night, watching "" and "". The fun didn't end there as the girls then had a scavenger hunt around the White House to learn its history.

Making their way around the house and guessing the answers to trivia questions given to them during the scavenger hunt, Malia and Sasha were surprised when they found Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas behind the final door in the East Room. The Jonas boys themselves "had a blast," a spokesperson for the trio revealed.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick reportedly came to the White House with their parents. The entire family was sneaked in through the East Portico and played three acoustic songs for the Obama girls and their friends. They, additionally, also posed for photos with each of the young guests at the occasion.

Prior to their meeting at the White House, Malia, Sasha, and Jonas Brothers had met back stage at "." Besides, the singer brothers also performed in front of the first daughters at "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future" on Monday night, January 19. The threesome reportedly even brought the girls onstage during their performance of their hit song "Burnin' Up."



  根據ABC報導─身為美國第四十四任總統的女兒們─Malia & Sasha待在白宮的第一個晚上,就收到了來自他們偶像的第一個驚喜:Jonas Brothers。他們被邀請表演,這使的這兩位小女孩以及他們的朋友驚喜萬分。這次的表演是他們在白宮尋物認識競賽中的獎品之一,這個競賽是為了要教這兩位小女孩一些白宮的歷史。

  他們的雙親─Barack和Michelle也為了此次就職典禮,在一月二十日星期二,舉辦了十場就職舞會。Malia和Sasha則是與他們的朋友參觀他們的新學校,他們即將在Sidwell交的朋友。傍晚時分,他們則是看了兩場電影:雷霆戰狗(Bolt)以及歌舞青春3:畢業季(HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3:SENIOR YEAR),之後他們則再回白宮學習未完的歷史。

  在尋物認識競賽當中,他們巡禮了白宮以及回答一些歷史問題,就在Malia和Sasha在East Room的最後一扇門的最後找到Kevin、Joe和Nick時,他們都非常的驚訝,因此他們也幸運地多了個狂歡舞會。


  在進入白宮前,Malia和Sasha與Jonas Brothers在「The Ellen DeGeneres Show」的台後已經見過面。另外,一月十九日星期一晚上,他們三兄弟也為第一公主們在「Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future」演出。在最後演出的「Burnin' Up」,他們也邀請這些小女生們上台一同慶祝。



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